Founded as an orphanage in 1873, the Lutherbrook campus now includes a residential treatment facility (Lutherbrook Child and Adolescent Center), a therapeutic day school (Lutherbrook Academy) and a group home facility (Collins Group Home). Lutherbrook has evolved into a highly specialized residential treatment center for youth ages 6 - 18 who have experienced multiple complex traumas and have struggled in open community settings. Lutherbrook's comprehensive and compassionate treatment approach is designed to help each youth resume family and community living as soon as possible.

Lutherbrook partners with youth, families and communities to build strengths that result in a successful and lasting experience of belonging. The goal is to develop resilient youth who have the ability to succeed within our program and more importantly, in the communities to which they will return. During the short time we have with youth and their families, our focus is on helping them develop the skills that will give them the greatest opportunity to succeed.  This success is based on positive, trustful relationships staff members develop with youth and families, as well as the highly-structured Lutherbrook environment. Lutherbrook also identifies and develops support systems for youth and their families to use when they transition back to the community.

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