In the Advent season, it seems appropriate as a faith-based social ministry organization to reflect upon the theological principles that undergird the values we uphold as a value-driven organization.

Over the years, I have condensed these teachings into three main areas:

1. Creation. When God created the heavens and earth, He created all things good; created humankind in His own image; bound Himself to human beings as the crown of His creation and called upon us “to care for creation,” which includes caring for all people. It is because we are created in the image of God that all people have dignity and worth and are also accepted unconditionally.

2. The Prophets of the Hebrew Old Testament calling for social justice and mercy and advocating on behalf of people to the kings (government). They also envisioned a future as set forth in Isaiah 65.

3. The life and teachings of Jesus who, as God incarnate, through His miracles and parables demonstrates his love and compassion, teaches us a model for a godly life and through the work of the Holy Spirit equips and comforts us. It is because of God’s love through the life and teachings of Jesus that we respond to His love by loving and serving others.

Advent is a time in which we prepare for the birth of Jesus, of God coming to live among us. I pray that your Advent and Christmas season will be one of true joy and blessings and that we will be equipped to be Christ-like as we continue to model His love.

– Gene Svebakken, MSW, ACSW, LCFS CEO