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Social Work is Essential: Impact of the pandemic

  •  March 01, 2021

  Julie Blythe, R.N., MSW, LSW, CCTP LCFS Counselor I got into social work because as a former R.N. and an Ordained Presbyterian Minister, I realized that my passion and that which I exceed in is counseling. I was diagnosed with PTSD 6 ½ years ago. I was unable to work and could barely function. […]

Social Work is Essential: The values of social work

  •  March 01, 2021

  LaTasha Roberson-Guifarro, LCSW Associate Vice President of Strategy & Organizational Excellence, Privacy Officer The social work values of service, importance of human relationships, dignity and worth of a person, competence, integrity and social justice have led my journey over the past decade. I believe we should all aspire to make an indelible impact of […]

Urgent Nonprofit Policy Priorities in Reforms to CARES Act

  •  July 17, 2020

  Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois was one of nearly 4,000 nonprofit organizations from all 50 states that signed onto a recent broad coalition letter to Congressional leaders, urging lawmakers to include four essential policy proposals in the next COVID-19 relief legislation. Continue Emergency Funding Programs that provide nonprofits with financial support enabling […]

LCFS Statement: We’re committed to dismantling systemic racism

  •  June 01, 2020

  The last several weeks and months in the United States have been deeply saddening. As a nation, we’ve witnessed the institutionalized violence against our African American brothers and sisters that occurs every day and has for centuries. With that we’re also seeing justifiable anger, rage and grief being expressed. Lutheran Child and Family Services […]

Mindfulness in Times of Uncertainty

  •  April 17, 2020

  By: Brent Diers, LCSW, LCFS Director of Clinical Services If you’re like me, you’ve been wandering through all of those zones in this graphic – back and forth – in the midst of these challenging times.  The feelings of fear, uncertainty and being out of control we all feel right now are familiar and omnipresent […]

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