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Social Work is Essential: Respecting the dignity and worth of all

  •  March 01, 2021

  Tara Dull, LCSW Adoptions Worker Social Work is important because its core principles focus on addressing social problems and injustice as well as respecting the inherent dignity and worth of each person. The Social Work Code of Ethics has always been important for our country. Given the unrest and polarization over the last few […]

Social Work is Essential: Helping during pivotal moments in lives

  •  March 01, 2021

  Laurie Lawton, LCSW Director of Adoptions I believe social work is important because we provide services to our clients at pivotal moments in their lives. A prospective adoptive family may have experienced infertility, yet longs to become parents to a child. An expectant mother is experiencing an unintended pregnancy and needs support to determine […]

Social Work is Essential: Moments that hold us together

  •  March 01, 2021

  Sarah O’Connor, LCPC Northern Region Clinical Manager I got into counseling for personal reasons, like having a traumatic childhood and wishing there was someone there to help me get through it. It made me sad thinking there were people out there in the world going through what I once felt, knowing how it could […]

Social Work is Essential: Impact of the pandemic

  •  March 01, 2021

  Julie Blythe, R.N., MSW, LSW, CCTP LCFS Counselor I got into social work because as a former R.N. and an Ordained Presbyterian Minister, I realized that my passion and that which I exceed in is counseling. I was diagnosed with PTSD 6 ½ years ago. I was unable to work and could barely function. […]

Social Work is Essential: The values of social work

  •  March 01, 2021

  LaTasha Roberson-Guifarro, LCSW Associate Vice President of Strategy & Organizational Excellence, Privacy Officer The social work values of service, importance of human relationships, dignity and worth of a person, competence, integrity and social justice have led my journey over the past decade. I believe we should all aspire to make an indelible impact of […]

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