LCFS Statement: We’re committed to dismantling systemic racism

  •  June 01, 2020


The last several weeks and months in the United States have been deeply saddening. As a nation, we’ve witnessed the institutionalized violence against our African American brothers and sisters that occurs every day and has for centuries. With that we’re also seeing justifiable anger, rage and grief being expressed.

Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois is an Anti-Racism organization. We’re committed to working towards dismantling the systemic racism within our country. This is a long-term fight and one that we cannot allow ourselves to be sidetracked from. We don’t want to merely express outrage at the latest racist atrocities, but we want to fight to change things. As an organization, LCFS will look at how we sharpen our focus on affecting change both within LCFS and also within our state and country.

When we see injustice, we must all speak out as strongly as we can against it. We are in this together.

LCFS Corporate Officers

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