In the best interest of children

  •  June 26, 2018


Through our work as a child welfare agency, Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois sees and interacts with traumatized children every day. While the separation policy has been rescinded, many issues still need our voices and our action.

The executive order has ended detaining children and parents separately, but answers are still needed on what will be done with the more than 2,500 children who have already been removed from parents? In addition, the practice of detaining children even with their parents will still cause harm and trauma.

This is not a political stance, but it is LCFS’ strong belief that all policies must be viewed through a lens of the best interest of children.

  • What will be done to reunite children with their families?
  • How will families be provided for as they await processing?
  • What will be done to help children and families heal?

Contact your federal legislators and let your voices be heard on this issue.

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