Celebrating Lutherbrook

  •  August 24, 2017


In late August 2017, current and former staff, current and former LBK youth, supporters and community members gathered to celebrate and say farewell to Lutherbrook Child and Adolescent Center in Addison, Illinois.

Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois was founded as an orphanage in 1873 by fourteen Lutheran congregations on a site just down the street from Lutherbrook. In 1916, the Kinderheim Children’s Home moved to Addison and then in 1961 Lutherbrook officially opened. The campus and the work that has been done there are such a significant part of LCFS’ history.

Thousands of clients, staff and supporters have been touched by the life-changing work done through Lutherbrook.

Youth that came to Lutherbrook experienced multiple traumas in their young lives, many were in up to 15 different placements and they perceived the world as a threatening place. Lutherbrook partnered with these youth to help them process their traumas and develop skills to be successful in their lives.

Numerous dedicated staff have passed through Lutherbrook. Some stayed with us for a short time, while others made Lutherbrook their life’s work. But each of them left their mark on the program and LCFS is proud that Lutherbrook could play a part in helping to mold so many professionals who went on to impact other lives.

For years, LCFS kept Lutherbrook open as we felt a moral obligation to care for these kids despite the economic pressures we faced. Unfortunately, earlier in the year we had to make the difficult decision to close the program in order to ensure the sustainability of the agency.  While the doors may be closing, Lutherbrook will always remain in our hearts as the foundation of this agency’s history and more importantly for the children and families it helped find hope for the future.

So we celebrate all those who came here and received healing, worked to change lives and supported the program through volunteerism and their generous financial gifts.  Your involvement is part of a lasting legacy that will endure as LCFS continues to improve the well-being of people across the state by protecting children, strengthening families and building futures for those who have experienced trauma. Through our foster care, adoption, counseling and preventative services, LCFS remains a place where children and families can find the help they need and hope for the future.

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