Social Work is Essential: Helping during pivotal moments in lives

  •  March 01, 2021


Laurie Lawton, LCSW
Director of Adoptions

I believe social work is important because we provide services to our clients at pivotal moments in their lives. A prospective adoptive family may have experienced infertility, yet longs to become parents to a child. An expectant mother is experiencing an unintended pregnancy and needs support to determine if she is going to parent or choose adoption for her child. It’s a privilege to work with the people we serve. It can be quite intense, joyful, difficult, but satisfying to be able to offer help.

During the pandemic, LCFS’ adoption staff continued to provide our essential services to clients, sometimes under difficult conditions – going to someone’s home, trying to be as physically distant as possible, and going to hospitals. We pivoted and began doing virtual interviews with prospective adoptive parents, but meetings with expectant parents still had to be done in person. Because of the closures of libraries and restaurants, and because a number of expectant mothers did not want to meet in their residences, I’d put my lawn chairs in my car and we met in parks in hot and cold weather. I still had to go to hospitals for the placement of infants with adoptive families. Some meetings to sign final adoption paperwork were held in birthparents’ residences. We did in-person walk-throughs of prospective adoptive parents’ homes. We are continuing to do interviews virtually whenever possible. Precautions are taken, but our work of providing service to expectant parents continues so that they can make the best possible choice for themselves and their child, and guiding prospective families on their adoption journeys continued.

Social work is essential to helping children and families thrive. Click here to make a donation to LCFS’ Emergency Fund to provide for immediate needs of our children and families.



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