Social Work is Essential: Moments that hold us together

  •  March 01, 2021


Sarah O’Connor, LCPC
Northern Region Clinical Manager

I got into counseling for personal reasons, like having a traumatic childhood and wishing there was someone there to help me get through it. It made me sad thinking there were people out there in the world going through what I once felt, knowing how it could be, and me wanting to help them break the stigma around mental health.

We, as humans, need interaction and connectedness. Sometimes, things happen in life that prevent this from occurring or people have difficulty showing others how they feel. Counselors help people work through events that can trigger their reaction to stay away from others entirely. We can also help people find healthier ways of showing their emotions so others can understand them. It is nice to have someone from the outside to help where there is no bias or judgment.

Our work as LCFS counselors changed tremendously due to the pandemic. In one way, it helped counselors see the living situations of our youth and brought us closer to foster parents as we needed their help to work remotely with the children. On the other hand, it was difficult engaging in play therapy and certain exercises when we’re not in the same place as those we serve, but we found ways to adapt. There have been positive stories where foster children would communicate with the therapist about how they practiced their coping skills learned in sessions and accomplished the goals they’d worked so hard to complete. I have one youth where we would make hearts with our hands every time we said goodbye. Those are the moments that hold us together during this pandemic.

Social work is essential to helping children and families thrive. Click here to make a donation to LCFS’ Emergency Fund to provide for immediate needs of our children and families.



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