Social Work Month: Staff Profile – Kimberly Hutchcraft

  •  March 11, 2020


Kimberly Hutchcraft, Child Welfare Specialist

Why did you get into social work?

I worked at a factory for nine years and was a single mother raising two boys on my own. My youngest son is bipolar, and I was dealing with his school every day. Some of the school staff didn’t feel supportive of my son and were disrespectful to me. After the factory closed, they paid for me to go to school for two years, so I went into social work. I wanted to make sure no other family felt helpless like I did when dealing with the school.

What do you like best about the work you do?

I love seeing the children go home to their parents and/or their forever home.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your work?

I work a lot of hours and sometimes I don’t feel like I get anything done.

Please share a story that showcases why your hard work and the sacrifices are worthwhile.

I don’t have a story of anything I’ve done. I don’t feel like we do the hard work. The parents do the hard work to get their children home. The parents go through treatment, court, counseling, and not being able to see their kids regularly. I sacrifice my time, however, as do my coworkers, but in the end if one child goes home nothing else matters.

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